I needed to get our Mp3 heard by a few thousand more people. That way their buzz about it would get us more listeners. As the numbers went up for our fan base, that was what was going to attract a producer to grant us a recording deal. This is the reason I was looking for free SoundCloud followers. We needed the promotion, but we were all just working class guys who had little money to do marketing or promotion. We sold some tee shirts and CDs, but were not famous yet.

I found a way online to get free SoundCloud followers, and I think it was that effort that got us going in popularity online for our music. We were seen by the followers of the free ones we got. They started to click and listen to our Mp3 we were promoting. This lead to traffic to our website. That lead to sales of our CDs we produced on our own and some merchandise sales. That then lead to a whole lot of likes and follows on our social media pages. This finally culminated in the notice of a producer who was looking for a new band to promote.

It is a process. I don’t think a lot of really young people with aspirations of being famous notice this. It is work. It is a business. You need to approach it as a business. You have to have the numbers now for an agent or producer to take a little interest in you. Some will sign you just in case you get famous. You want to get signed by the ones that will actively promote your work and let you develop more original material. It is hard to imagine how far we have come by just choosing to get some free SoundCloud followers.

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