The house is probably too expensive, but we keep looking at it because it is in a great location and we would be in theory in a very good position if we could manage it. We could get together the money to make the down payment on it, that would not be the issue. The problem is that you would immediately need to hire some one who can do a roof replacement in Brooklyn NY. I figure that the best deal I would be able to find on that would be around three thousand or thirty five hundred dollars. It would be one of those things where the math is just not there. The only way it would be possible is if I sold the pick up truck, but I do need the pick up truck. It is a tough thing to find a parking space for it, but I can not always do my job without the thing.

At any rate we are going to talk to the real estate people about it and see if they can get the seller to come down about as much as it would cost for us to fix the roof. That is the only way that we could do it. Perhaps we could talk them into reducing the down payment, but that is the bank that does that part of it and they could probably not care much less about our problems and the fact that we can not quite afford this is not something that works in our favor. That only makes them want to make the home loan a bit less on the theory that we are perhaps not going to be able to make the payments. It is not as though it would not be pretty tough for us.

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