When my brother asked me for some help, I knew he had come to the right person. He owns a local restaurant, and he figured it was time to shake things up. He knew that if he asked me, I would not hold back on my opinions, which is exactly what he needed. I gave him quite a few ideas, but the one that he listened to first was when I told him that he needed to hire a company that does painting in Morris County NJ. The interior of his restaurant looks great, but the outside needed a lot of help.

For people who already knew how good the food was, it was easy for them to bypass the appearance of the restaurant on the outside. For someone who has never eaten there though, it was definitely a deterrent. First appearances are everything, and I was sure that more people had passed his restaurant mainly because of how it looked from the outside. I told him that a professional paint company would be able to completely change the appearance of his restaurant. He was worried about having to close it down for the several days it would take to paint, but I told him to hold off on that train of thought until I did some research.

I was able to find a local company that does professional painting for both residential and commercial clients. The thing that was so great about them is they have done jobs for other restaurants in the area. They understand that it is hard for a business to even be shut down for one day, so they actually work around that. They are able to use paints that dry quickly and also ones that have a very low odor about them. That way, his restaurant could stay open and the customers would not be disturbed by the paint. When they were done, I was so surprised at the difference in his restaurant. It looked like a new place, and he ended up getting so many new customers because of it!

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