I am going to get married in the near future, and I want to start to get some different ideas for how the do the wedding ceremony. I really want to do something that is outside, and also very pretty. I am hoping to talk to a wedding photographer, doerman photography, so that I can exchange ideas with one, and maybe bounce some thoughts off of each other. I found this wedding photographer blog that is called passion cull and I started reading it a little bit ago. I have been reading it for over 20 minutes, and it seems like a pretty insightful blog. I am going to continue reading it, and maybe it will give me some ideas for my wedding.

I am kind of thinking about trying to get into contact with the author of the blog, because that person is a wedding photographer, and that is what I am looking for right now. I am hoping that I will be able to find a wedding photographer pretty soon anyway, because the wedding is not too far away. We just have a date in mind for the wedding, and it is going to be in early summer. Well, actually it is going to be in late spring, since the first day of Summer is not technically until near the end of June, if I recall correctly. Anyway, I think that the wedding will amazing, once I finish figuring out how I want it to be. I am going to try to get into contact with this guy, and hopefully he will help me with the process. I would also like to maybe book him for the day of the wedding, if it is not too far in advance to do that at this point in time. I am not sure if it would be.

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