For years, my best friend and I had talked about living together as roommates with an apartment of our own. We had both been living at home while we went to community college together. Now that we are both working, we decided to go through with our plan. We knew this meant that we needed to look at a variety of Internet providers, figure out the best place to live near our school, figure out what we could afford and so much more. There are so many things that you need to take a look at when making a big move.

While we both have decent jobs, we both understood that we need to be very careful about costs each month. Neither of us like to shop and we don’t party like our friends do so that would help us a lot. We also do not blow a lot of money on fancy materials things or eat out at high-end restaurants. But we both like to eat great foods at home, have high speed Internet and other basic things like that.

I am the one who called a variety of companies to find out what our recurring costs would be for utilities, online services, phone, etc. My best friend was in charge of finding an inexpensive apartment for us to rent. I was able to do all my work by going online to look at websites that could help me out. I found that we could get Internet for less than $30 a month at a speed that we both like. We will be needing to do a lot of homework from home with the help of many great websites online.

We were able to get our computers networked together so that we can both be online at the same time. We really love the price, and neither one of us experiences any lag if we do happen to be on it simultaneously. The latter is very important because we are both trying to get medical degrees, and we have fast placed classes with no time for messing around with getting our work done for each class.

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