I am almost finished with the house, but in fact I was not positive which county I was in at first and no one in the city of Cedar Hill was either. The land is about 3 and two thirds acre in all. I wanted something big enough to do some gardening and maybe have some laying hens, but some of it is Dallas County and some is in Ellis county. The electricity companies for cedar hill were telling me this to start with, or this guy I was talking to when I was out there clearing the place off to build on it. The house sits on the best place on the land for a house to sit, but it is apparently right on the county line and this is somehow a big deal. Obviously they want to get their taxes and they do not want to share their taxes either. The living room and the garage are definitely in Ellis County and the Master Bedroom is definitely in Dallas county, but they wanted to fight over the rest of it.

If you think about the big picture, all the way through the life of this house, then it makes sense for them to fight over it I suppose. I would guess the property tax will be around twelve hundred a year or something in that ball park. That is chump change compared to what it costs for a local government to do most anything, but that house will likely be sitting there for a long time after I am gone. So over fifty years you would be talking about fifty or sixty thousand dollars, which starts to be real money for a county government. It is not a lot of money perhaps, but it is worth squawking over.

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