October 2016

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I spent this morning running errands for my boss’ wife. He got tired of her involving him in this stuff and so he sat down at a meeting and put a deck of cards on the table. Then he told four of the people at the table to draw a card. I drew the high card and found out what I had won was the right to be her lackey. It really is not that bad, right now I am leaving this Toronto party bus company. She sent me there to try to negotiate their price down on renting two of their vehicles. I do not really understand what that is going to be used for, since this is a wedding party for the boss’ second daughter. I do know that this is going to be a tremendously expensive thing. Obviously the boss is really quite wealthy, but this is a whole lot of money. If it were me, then I would tell him to give me a couple hundred thousand dollars that this would cost and we could have the wedding on a beach some place warm.

At any rate the big reason that the boss picked me was that I used to be in hotel management. That is going to be one of the really big things they have to deal with. So the next thing for me is to figure out which wedding venue to use, with this mostly based on the ability to deliver a lot of things. The cost of the food is apparently not relevant, even though that is a really major item when you price out a wedding. Instead they want to make certain that everything is done perfectly. The mother of the bride has been to a lot of weddings and says the worst thing is if the food isn’t well prepared.

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