June 2016

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I used to be the type of person who did not like going to the dentist. I never had a horrible experience there myself, but I had heard of so many others who had. Because of their stories of pain, horror and woe, I rarely went to one myself unless it was absolutely necessary. That is why I had no idea which dentist to go to when I had horrible pain not long ago. I did a search for root canal treatment dentist because I had a feeling that was what I was going to need.

I had just moved to the area about a year prior, but I can’t even use that as an excuse for not seeing a dentist yet in my new town. Truth be told, it was at least four years since I had been to one, and that was just to get a quick cleaning. They had told me that they saw something on one of my teeth, but I never went back to them. Instead, I just made sure I brushed and flossed regularly. However, that did not fix the problem. Hence, I was looking for a new dentist to go see.

I made an appointment and was able to get in that same week. Thankfully, I just needed to have a filling put in my tooth. However, the dentist did tell me that I would definitely need a root canal if I did not adhere to regular cleanings and examinations. He then asked me what no other dentist did. He wanted to know why I did not make regular dental appointments, and I honestly did not have a good answer. He definitely broke the cycle for me though, and I now have a regular cleaning every six months along with an exam. I only wish I would have always been this good about my oral health!

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