August 2013

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I just decided that I have had enough of my cable company. In fact I just told them to cut off the cable TV last month and I have been living with nothing except what I can get off the internet and channels that broadcast over the air. Of course that was just a short term solution and I am still paying a relative fortune for the cable company’s broadband internet service. So I have started looking at package deals for Direct TB and Internet. You can get that for fifty dollars at, but I have not looked into the precise details of the offer that they have and instead I am thinking about talking to the people who sell Clear Wireless. I hear mixed things about them, but mostly people that I know like their service. I know that it will not be precisely comparable to the amount of bandwidth that the cable company provides, but then I was paying over 150 dollars per month for cable TV and cable Internet.

So I can live with a lot less internet than I was getting, if my total bill is going to about about one third or thirty percent of what it was two months ago when I decided I had had enough. Of course I originally had a fairly reasonable deal when they got me to sign up with them. Then they started going back to whatever they consider to be their base price without the introductory offer and every time I turned around they were nailing me with some fee for something I do not recall ever having agreed to. It seems as though they know that they have a virtual monopoly in this area and have decided that they can do as they please with it.

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